Tim-and-J.jpgTim is a freelance writer and web developer who works for Myself, a business that has been thumbing its nose at The Man for almost ten years now. He’s both a stay-at-home (sounds better than ‘kept man’) and a work-at-home-and-anywhere-else-I-can-get-away-with-it dad.

Tim is a proud, self-professed geek. He’s completed two marathons, both while sane. He has an unreasonable knowledge of pro cycling, thinks prime numbers are cool, and enjoys watching disaster shows on the various Smart Channels. Tim was recently crowned Most Valuable Drinker by the Coffee Growers of the World (fair trade, natch).

Mary-and-J.jpgMary has some long, incomprehensible job title and has worked for The-Company-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named (TCTSNBN) for the past 16 years. Her current job at TCTSNBN reportedly has achieved the metric of sucking 100% less than her former position.

Mary is affectionately known in our house as “Mary-pedia” for her vast knowledge of random trivia, particularly in pioneer-era practices and all things rural. She can churn butter with a paper clip. She has read out three branches of the local library system. Monitor glow makes her even sexier; add in her glasses and it’s all over.

J-Man-Portrait.jpgThe J-Man is our seven-year-old, autistic son. He’s working through the challenges of autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ‘oral defensiveness’ (aka I Hate Things Near or In My Mouth, or Feeding-Fu), severe speech delays, and the rest of the stuff that comes with being a school-aged kid. He attends a self-contained, full-day, autism class at a nearby elementary school. In the face of these challenges, he brightens every room he walks into and bravely faces every barrier put in front of him.

His favorite things include Signing Time, drawing interesting patterns on his Magna Doodle, all his teachers, our overstuffed recliner, and stealing your chair. His favorite direction is up, which fills us with hope.

E-Portrait.jpgDale Jr. is our three-year-old, neurotypical son, who is renowned for his inexhaustible energy and his ability to speak 1000 words a minute. He’s into everything, specifically outsmarting all the adults in the room, is fearlessly independent, and has a remarkably inquisitive mind. And most of all, he makes our hearts sing.

And everywhere they go, everybody loves them both.

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